Andrea Killebrew


Andie grew up in Las Vegas, NV playing lacrosse at Centennial high school. Andie was recruited to play collegiately for San Diego State University as an attack player. She is currently in her senior year playing for SDSU and helps coach Summer camps as well as clubs teams in the San Diego area in her free time. She looks forward to helping Las Vegas girls better themselves on and off the field while teaching them how to navigate the recruiting process.

Q and A with Andrea:

1) Where did you play High School?

Centennial High School Las Vegas, NV (6X STATE CHAMPS WHAT WHAT!!!)

2) Where did you play college? 

San Diego State University

3) What is your coaching experience?

I have helped coach many club teams down here in San Diego including Mad Dog lacrosse and 3D lacrosse. I have also coached many summer camps including SDSU, Stanford and USC. I have helped run some 5v5 tournaments and day clinics for elementary-middle school girls.

4) Why do you coach?

I coach because I love the game of lacrosse more than anything. It has been a huge part of my life since I started playing in 6th grade. Now coaching, I want to be able to teach others my skills and knowledge that I have acquired over the past 11 years.  I want to be able to help girls get to where they want to be with their game and reach whatever goals they may have set for themselves. 

5) Why are you choosing to coach with Lacrosse Force?

I am choosing to coach with Lacrosse Force because I love the level of product they want to offer to young adults willing to learn. I also chose Force because I want to grow the game of women's lacrosse in Vegas like never before. Growing up in Vegas and playing lacrosse was a little bit of a struggle, as it is even more developed now than it ever has been. I want to give back to the girls in Vegas by providing them with insight on the game like they have never seen before. I believe lacrosse is the best sport in the world and I want others to have the same passion for the game as I do.