It's Lacrosse Force's pursuit to coach lacrosse at the highest level while encouraging growth beyond the game.

Lacrosse Force offers superior coaching designed to produce successful players while upholding emphasis of the skills learned beyond the game. Through our curriculum, we strive to maximize talent on and off the field. We work continuously to mold our curriculum around the player. Lacrosse is finite; it’s about what you take from the sport other than wins and losses that will last a lifetime.


Beyond the game, we use lacrosse to build the next generation of leaders. We intertwine our coaching with life lessons and character development, all while maintaining an extremely fun environment. We believe the player’s growth on the field would be of little value without the gain of maturity off the field.


We promote a competitive yet encouraging atmosphere, knowing that great leaders arise from tough battles. Hard work comes before success and nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.


We cultivate a close nit community to help create a bridge between young athletes. We believe that building strong, lasting relationships is imperative for individual and team growth.