BOYS Summer Information - 2018


Lacrosse Force Travel Teams are for those players and families who are looking for a higher level of lacrosse involvement, coaching, and culture. Lacrosse Force players will be exposed to some of the best competition regionally and nationally. Being a member of Lacrosse Force will help create an avenue to excel at the next level. Whether your next level is to play varsity lacrosse or if you aspire to play college lacrosse, we can help get you there.

We feel that by condensing practice schedule to the 4 days leading up to the tournaments we hope to have better more consistent attendance and accomplish more in practice that will now be fresh in the minds of our players heading into tournaments. We also feel this schedule gives families the opportunity to travel and vacation as they would like without feeling obligated to a long term summer lacrosse commitment. The number of practices in this model will be the same as in past years models just all pushed together. Although the season may seem shorter the practice and tournament expenses are still the same so the cost of summer will be very similar to prior summers.

Optional Strength, conditioning, stick-work sessions (warm ups)

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First Week of Practice

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  • U12, U14, High School will attend Pacific Lacrosse Festival
    • Pacific Lacrosse Festival - June 22-24, 2018. San Diego, CA.
  • High School Elite will attend Baltimore Summer Kickoff
    • Baltimore Summer Kickoff - June 22-24, 2018. Baltimore, MD.

Second Week of Practice

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  • All Teams will attend the Legends Western Invitational (U12, U14, High School, High School Elite)
    • Legends Western Invitational. July 11-12, 2018. Salt Lake City.

Interested in participating or have more questions about the summer - please email or

**Want to participate on our USBOXLA Teams headed to Nationals in August? Checkout out information on USBOXLA Nationals HERE**


Our elite coaching staff plans to evaluate players based on the following attributes.

Attitude – We are looking for players who will represent themselves, their schools and our program with the highest integrity on and off the field.  This truly encompasses our company: Lacrosse Force offers superior coaching designed to produce successful players while upholding emphasis of the skills learned beyond the game.

Are you coachable? – We are looking for players who want to learn and develop as players.  We have knowledge that we want to pass on and are looking for players who will listen and apply our coaching. 

Do you understand the game? – We are looking for players who understand the game.  Players who know how to make the extra pass and make everyone around them better.

Stick Skills – As a lacrosse player you must be able to throw and catch at a high level.  Fundamentals are important to every player’s success.