Travel Team Overview

Our System


It's Lacrosse Force's pursuit to coach lacrosse at the highest level while encouraging growth beyond the game.

Lacrosse Force offers superior coaching designed to produce successful players while upholding emphasis of the skills learned beyond the game. Through our curriculum and coaching, we strive to maximize talent on and off the field.

“We LOVE Lacrosse Force and the Coaches are far superior to any coaches I would argue in the country! Our expectations were to have the highest level of coaching the game and also holding kids accountable to be better young men on and off the field! Lacrosse Force exceeded all expectations!!”
— Travel Team Parent

Our goal is to develop every individual to the fullest of their potential. Our Elite coaching staff will work closely to make sure each player develops and hones the skills necessary to excel at the youth and High School level. Lacrosse Force coaches have connections and relationships to help our players excel to the next level. Whether your "next level" is making the Varsity team or playing in college, our staff has the ability to help you reach your goals! We are excited to not only see our players improve, but learn what it means to be a leader and a man of character.

Lacrosse Force is All encompasing

“My son’s confidence has grown. He has learned it’s not all about the winning, as long as you are progressing and pushing yourself to become a better player.”
— Travel Team Parent

It is our goal to help athletes improve their lacrosse skill and take their game to the next level. We focus on lacrosse Beyond the Game, we work to teach integrity and character using lacrosse as a vehicle for maturity and personal growth. Lacrosse is finite; it’s about what you take from the sport other than wins and losses that will last a lifetime.

Our Teams Consist Of

IMG_5257 2.JPG

19-23 players per team (numbers depend on age group and skill level of the team...Some teams will have focus on development while other will be more elite)

We are looking for approximately 4-6 Attackman, 7-9 Midfielders, 4-6 Defenders, 2 Goalies


our Coaching staff is elite

“Lacrosse Force the best coaching staff in the Las Vegas area. They strive to make better men, not just better lacrosse players.”
-Travel Team Parent
— Travel Team Parent

Coaches are handpicked based on lacrosse skill and knowledge but more importantly their character and integrity. Our coaches are dedicated to enhancing the player's development on and off the field. Our coaches have competed and coached at the highest level lacrosse has to offer. The Lacrosse Force staff consists of former Division one players and coaches as well as players who are currently playing professional lacrosse.

Before becoming a Lacrosse Force coach a Beyond the Game contract must be signed. Read our coaches contract below.

Coaches Contract 

Practice Layout

Our coaches come to each practice prepared with a plan. We pride ourselves in being organized and efficient with the field time we have with our teams. We treat each practice as if it were a clinic and look to teach new skills and habits through each handpicked drill. Another aspect of practice that makes us unique is the fact that we train our players specific to their position. We have coaches who have excelled at the highest level at every position, it is our duty to pass the information we know on to our players!  

Player expectation

Each team is composed of players who have proven to the coaches that they have the right be be competing at the level and team they have been placed on. 

Evaluations at tryouts are based on the following attributes: 

Attitude – We are looking for players who will represent themselves, their schools and our program with the highest integrity on and off the field.  This truly encompasses our company: Lacrosse Force offers superior coaching designed to produce successful players while upholding emphasis of the skills learned beyond the game.

Are you coachable? – We are looking for players who want to learn and develop as players.  Our coaches have knowledge that we want to pass on and are looking for players who will listen and apply our coaching.

Lacrosse IQ? – We are looking for players who understand the game.

Stick Skills – As a lacrosse player you must be able to throw and catch at a high level.  Fundamentals are important to every player’s success.

Players and Parents must understand that this is a competitive travel program and there will be a depth chart for playing time. Coaches will do their very best to give all players the opportunity to showcase their skills, but at certain times playing time will not be equal.

Lacrosse Force players are also expected to sign a Beyond the Game contract. It is our coaches and parents duty to hold the players to the Lacrosse Force standard. See the player contract below. 

Player contract

Next Level Thought Process

Lacrosse Force is excited to get players to the next level. Whether the goal is JV, Varsity, or college lacrosse, we want to help you reach your goals. Our networks provide relationships with NCAA division 1 to division 3 coaches. We have former NCAA division 1 coaches and players on the staff at Lacrosse Force who have been on both ends of the recruiting process. We are excited to use the lacrosse network to help each athlete reach their goals.